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horse hair
Top is committed to supplying our customers with high quality products while providing excellent service to your complete satisfaction.

Anping's history of processing Horse Hair can be traced back to five hundred years ago according to historical documents. At that time, Anping people mainly used Horse Hair in weaving of flour sieves for their daily use. Nowadays, more and more local people are engaged in animal hair dressing industry. Anping is also become known in China as processing and distribution center of animal hair products in North China.

双色球模拟摇号器 Anping Top Tail Hair Factory located in Anping County of Hebei Province is a professional enterprise engaged in the processing of animal hair and fine tail hair. It can offer a wide range of animal hair, Horse Hair fabrics and hair brushes. More information is listed below:

horse hair  
Bow Hair
Color: White, black, mixed
Standard size inches):24",25",26",27",28",29",30",31",32",33",34",35",36",37"up

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horse hair  
Horse Mane Hair
Single drawn horse mane hair in the color of white, black, gray, mixed and brown; double drawn horse mane hair in the color of white, black, gray and mixed.
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horse hair  
Animal Fine Hair
We process and supply various animal fine hair, such as yellow weasel tail hair, raccoon hair, bagder hair, mainly used for cosmetics.
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horse hair  
Hair Brush
Top designs, produces and exports complete range of cosmetic brushes with fine quality animal hair materials. We also offer material for make up cosmetic brushes:handle,tube,animal hair,package for brushes and so on.
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horse hair  
Horse Hair Fabrics
Horsetail hair is a kind of protein fiber,and has pretty good plasticity. In 100 degrees Centigrade water or vapor,it can be extremely soft.In this condition, horse tail hair by-products can keep the shape when you press and cool rapidly.
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Anping Top Tail Hair Factory is willing to establish friendly cooperation relationship with the businessman at home and abroad, with an aim to promote the development and growth of both parties. We will do better and continue to follow the principle of good faith, and we believe that we can provide satisfactory products and services for our clients.


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Add: West of WangGeZhuang ,Anping County, Hebei, P.R. China  Postcode:053600  Tel: +86-318-5182758  Fax: +86-318-5182758;
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